Goran Mekić

IT Business Consultant

Personal Statement

Analytical, resourceful and problem-solving technical business analyst and IT professional with extensive experience in providing systems administration. Hard-working, quick and efficient, a team player with excellent communication skills, and eager to take on new challenges.

I have actively used GNU/Linux since 2000. and for 8 years it has been the only system that I used. I also have experience in administering FreeBSD, OpenBSD and OpenSolaris. In 2006. I became the Vice President of Linux User Group of Novi Sad (LUGoNS). As part of my dutties I organized a series of lectures, workshops and Install Day events, with emphasis on the use of free software (primarily GNU/Linux)

Today I teach and research in Tilda Center on topics ranging from HardenedBSD and GNU/Linux administration, security, kernel arthitecture, WEB development in backend and frontend to science, electronics, music and math.


Degree in computer science business IT

Faculty of Sciences, University Of Novi Sad

Studying all aspect of IT including Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Data Structures and Algorithms, E-business and Artificial Intelligence

Technician of electronics

The electricity & electronics middle school "Mihajlo Pupin" Novi Sad

Mihajlo Pupin Novi Sad Eletronics Middle School Designing and building of electrical circuits, including simple digital boards and fixing all non-SMP low voltage devices, scheme and PCB design, primarily for audio devices.


Tilda Center

Apr 2015

Tilda Center is hackerspace/makerspace and educational center. I am the co-founder, researcher, lecturer and technical lead of development. As it's hard to get good education on modern technologies on one hand, and high price of education on the other, we offer all our lectures and teching material for free.


Jan 2018

Maolan is digital audio workstation that is buffer centric.

Communications Server

Jan 2018

For most people, setting up mail, anti-spam, webmail, chat and DNS is huge hassle. This project is providing all of the mentioned services as a set of Ansible playbooks and CBSD jails.


Jun 2017

CBSD is virtualization manager on HardenedBSD and FreeBSD using jails, bhyve, virtualbox and xen. It is capable of managing complex environments including network and ZFS datasets. Reggae is DevOps tool that uses CBSD for low level tasks, while ClonOS is FreeBSD distribution with WEB interface for CBSD.


Jan 2017

DrumGizmo is an open source, multichannel, multilayered, cross-platform drum plugin and stand-alone application. It enables you to compose drums in midi and mix them with a multichannel approach. It is comparable to that of mixing a real drumkit that has been recorded with a multimic setup.

One Love

Jun 2014

Project of decentralized management of data centers, provision, deployment and development with emphasis on Docker and cloud technologies on which I'm working as a full stack developer.

Work Experience


Jul 2022 - NOW

Storage engineer


Aug 2021 - Jul 2022

Senior system architect

Firebird Networks Pulsar

Sep 2018 - Feb 2019

Network gear config automation tool based on Ansible

Cala Health

Jan 2018 - Aug 2018

Cala Health is a medical technology company pioneering a new class of electrical medicine called neuroperipheral therapy.


Jun 2017 - Sep 2017

GeoSolutions provides innovative, robust and cost-effective solutions leveraging on best-of-breed Open Source products.


Jan 2015 - Jan 2016

Project for creating a platform for writing, lectoring and publishing magazines, on which I'm contributing as system administrator, devops consultant and full stack developer.


Dec 2015 - Feb 2016

Project for collecting, exchanging and requesting media rights for pictures and art.


Apr 2015 - May 2015

Implementation of devops and automation best bractices for ERP system by

Reciprocity Labs

Dec 2014 - May 2015

Python developer and security adviser for

Lambda Solutions

Apr 2014 - Jun 2014

Hosting solutions for Moodle and Totara e-learning

Secent LLC

Oct 2013 - Oct 2014

Advanced configurable reverse proxy and single sign on solution based on Django, Ansible and Apache for a world-dominant electrical company on which I was team lead and senior developer

Feb 2013 - Oct 2013

Project for an aerospace company, including testing software and building packages for all inhouse projects


Aug 2011 - Feb 2013

Responsible for capacity planning, including allocating storage, providing hardware and software redundancy, and planing future expansion requirements. Participate in root-cause analysis of recurring issues, system backup, and security setup. Maintain Web servers, file servers, firewalls, and directory services, and set up user accounts. Also done work with


Aug 2006 - Aug 2011

Expertise in Unix and Linux system installation, configuration, administration, the development and testing of backup and recovery methodologies, troubleshooting, capacity and performance planning, performance tuning, preventative maintenance, monitoring and alerting setup. Also done with

Home Invest

May 2006 - Aug 2006

Responsible for the implementation, administration and maintenance of Mail, DHCP, DNS and Domain Controler


Co-organizer of Python Serbia Conference

Jun 2018

PySer is the Python Serbia Conference

Co-Founder of Tilda Center

Apr 2015

Tilda Center is the hackerspace/makerspace located in Novi Sad, Serbia

Founding member of Lust for Thrust

Oct 2007

Lust for Thrust is a metal band I play guitar, write, compose, produce and record for.