Serbia vs Internet

Dear reader,

I really wish that you're somewhere nice and you read this story with "in a land far away" at the beginning, wondering how strange we are. I really wish that place exists, because if we're all and I mean ALL dealing with this, we screwed up as a …

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Freenit Framework

For few years I worked on a startkit to get me faster results, then I started teaching using it, and now it's a framework. So let me tell you a story.

Backend is written in Python and uses Flask and SmoREST, while frontend is composed of React, Material-UI and Axios …

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OpenLDAP Multimaster

One thing I can tell you about email servers is that I'm really dumb to set it up properly. I'm mail admin since 2006 and 14 years later I still don't know how to do it. I mean, yeah, I do run a mail server and it does work, but …

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FreeBSD Crossbow

Once I started learning about containers and surrounding technologies, I heard about Solaris Zones and Crossbow. In short, zones are containers, like jails, and crossbow is something like a vnet. They say it's way more flexible and powerful. One of the things it can do is prevent you from setting …

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CBSD Base Upgrade

Upgrade in CBSD means the same as in FreeBSD: increse only in patch version.

cbsd baseupdate
service cbsd restart

For upgrade you need to stop the jail, set it to new base and start the jail.

cbsd jstop nginx
cbsd jset jname=nginx ver=12.1
cbsd jstart nginx
cbsd …

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FreeBSD Upgrade

Upgrade in FreeBSD world means having a host on version 12.0 and doing similar procedure like in FreeBSD update, but ending up with a major or minor version number incresed, not patch version number.


env PAGER=/bin/cat freebsd-update upgrade -r 12.1-RELEASE
freebsd-version -ku
bectl create …

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FreeBSD Update

As you might be comming from Linux background, like I am, you might not be familiar with the FreeBSD update procedure. The main difference is that FreeBSD has base system as one big component which is updated as a whole, plus it has packages like any other Unix.


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IT Feels Like Constant Failure

Do you remember when any operating system just worked? Me neither, and I hate it. I mean, Windows was always just a joke. Just think about it, Microsoft said their git repository is 300GB in size. How do you compile, let alone read? One will probably think of Linux, but …

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HardenedBSD Install Over Serial

If you have APU or similar router, it's a big chance you'll need serial console install procedure. You'll have to mount install image before booting and change /boot/loader.conf so it includes the lines to use serial console:


When the …

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CBSD Reggae

If you didn't get it by now, I'm huge CBSD fan. Actually, I'm CBSD developer now. :o) One of the things I play with is Reggae, and some people asked me to describe it and make a demo. So here goes the explanation why I created it, how to use …

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