IT Feels Like Constant Failure

Do you remember when any operating system just worked? Me neither, and I hate it. I mean, Windows was always just a joke. Just think about it, Microsoft said their git repository is 300GB in size. How do you compile, let alone read? One will probably think of Linux, but what about systemd and Richard Stallman? Honestly, I'm not sure what is more revolting: shitty system software, or the most annoying guy ever. One might think about BSDs, but what about the support? FreeBSD being most popular and getting most attraction still lacks support for a lot of hardware. And the hardware? I don't remember when I bought a piece of hardware that didn't totally suck. As a matter of fact, how do you even do proper programming when the underlaying hardware is fucked up? And where are we as IT going? We're creating bunch of sites and software for what? I can't remember how many times I've heard "we're creating something revolutionary". It's like nobody can create just a regular software solving small problems. Why? I hate the current state, and the worst is the hardware industry. Just look at the spectra and meltdown. I'm ashamed and sorry for contributing to this whole circus, where it's only important to sell, get revenue and bail out. I may never stop doing IT stuff, but I do hate it from the bottom of my soul. Also, recent years showed me that my colleagues are mostly not interested in the IT at all, but to get their salary and go home. I can't blame them, but I can't like them either. As a matter of fact, there are more and more programmers that have no education. I don't mean formal, as I know some exceptional developers without a single day at the university, but wish to know more is rare. Like we're playing this dumb game to put money into someone's pocket, and that pocket ain't ours. It's like we're doing everything we can to screw this industry that once was so beautiful. That's why IT feels like a constant failure, because it is!