FreeBSD Cloud and DevOps 2

So you have all the pieces installed and configured. Let's do something on top of that. I don't like Vagrant, now that CBSD and Jails are around, but it's perfect for DevOps jobs. I remember a friend of mine using Makefile for DevOps, even if under it is Docker or Vagrant. It's small, portable and available on every OS worth mentioning. Nice way to keep everything low on resource usage.

So, let's say we want to have at least 2 targets: up and setup. Setup would set up config files, where up would do the actual job. For example:


up: setup
    @sudo cbsd jstart ${PROJECT} || true

    @sed -e "s:PROJECT:${PROJECT}:g" provision/inventory.tpl >provision/inventory
    @sed -e "s:PROJECT:${PROJECT}:g" provision/group_vars/all.tpl >provision/group_vars/all
    @sed -e "s:PROJECT:${PROJECT}:g" provision/localhost.yml.tpl >provision/localhost.yml
    @sed -e "s:PROJECT:${PROJECT}:g" provision/site.yml.tpl >provision/site.yml
    @sudo cbsd jcreate jconf=${PWD}/cbsd.conf || true
    @sudo sh -c 'sed -e "s:PWD:${PWD}:g" -e "s:PROJECT:${PROJECT}:g" fstab.conf >/cbsd/jails-fstab/fstab.${PROJECT}'

You can see that up target is using cbsd.conf and fstab.conf. You can generate cbsd.conf with cbsd jconstruct-tui, like usual, just choose not to start it once you configure it and CBSD will save the config in temporary file you can use as a template. The fstab.conf is simple:

/cbsd/jails-data/PROJECT-data/etc /etc nullfs rw 0 0
/cbsd/jails-data/PROJECT-data/root /root nullfs rw 0 0
/cbsd/jails-data/PROJECT-data/tmp /tmp nullfs rw 0 0
/cbsd/jails-data/PROJECT-data/usr/home /usr/home nullfs rw 0 0
/cbsd/jails-data/PROJECT-data/usr/local /usr/local nullfs rw 0 0
/cbsd/jails-data/PROJECT-data/usr/compat /usr/compat nullfs rw 0 0
/cbsd/jails-data/PROJECT-data/var /var nullfs rw 0 0
PWD /usr/home/devel/workdir nullfs rw 0 0

One nice thing Vagrant has is it will provision your VM if it has provisioner configured if it's the first time you're starting that VM. Let's add that:

up: setup
    @sudo cbsd jcreate jconf=${PWD}/cbsd.conf || true
.if !exists(.provisioned)
    @${MAKE} ${MAKEFLAGS} provision

    @sudo ansible-playbook -i provision/inventory provision/site.yml
    @touch .provisioned

Instead of vagrant ssh I added make login:

login: up
    @sudo cbsd jlogin ${PROJECT}

Finally, there are tear down targets, as well:

down: setup
    @sudo cbsd jstop ${PROJECT} || true
    @sudo ansible-playbook -i provision/inventory provision/teardown.yml

destroy: down
    @rm -f provision/inventory provision/site.yml provision/group_vars/all .provisioned
    @sudo cbsd jremove ${PROJECT}

All that's left now is to write Ansible playbook, but I'll leave that for some other post.