Tilda Center Summer

As my plans for summer festivals and beaches are ruined, my activity in Tilda Center increased. Pure action-reaction physics at work. :o) We got two new tables and weekly meetings on Mondays and Thursdays. On Mondays is a general discussion or gathering to just hang out. On Thursdays, theme of the meeting is One Love, project a few of us are contributing to. In future, we're hoping to fund our hackerspace with it. I can tell you it's interesting. Amount of ideas worth trying out is astonishing. One of the members even brought guitar for slight adjustments. Knowledge is flowing, and it's great. We even have time for Danube beach, when the weather is kind enough. :o) Soon, I hope we'll have "conference" room in Tilda ready. We already have a white board on the wall. Ah, I love drawings on the meetings. So much easier to comprehend someone else's idea if it's drawn. I tend to teach our young members that everything can be represented as a drawing, and if it can't, you can make analogy to something from common life. It's great how much errors are stressed out like this, during planing stage. Reminds me of Brad Victor. We opened back in April and we caused so much joy, but there is so much to explore and so much to learn. What a great ride up to now!