The Hell

Everyone hates the hospitals, I'm sure, but recent events made me wonder if I ever noticed how bad health care in my country is. It made me so sad to see the great clinic of Belgrade, the clinic where all worst cases are sent to, is in such a bad shape. Sad and eager to do something. I still don't know what, but a hacker in me can't sit still. The hard part is that my beloved one is in it right now. I can't make up my mind if that's a good or bad thing. We know she needs an operation for some time now, and that clinic is the best place in the country to do it, but I've seen how it looks. One of the terms that hits my mind a lot is really not nice. It's 4:30 in the morning, and I can't sleep. I will be hitting the road in today, and I can't make myself sleep. I'll be tired like hell, nervous, angry and all in all fucked up. Sometimes I wish I'm blind.