Life Together

I'm trying to keep my private life private, but this is just too weird and works too good to hide. For few years I'm living with my girlfriend and things are sometimes good, sometimes bad, as in any relationship (love or otherwise). To be honest, I got sick of bad times, because in most cases the reason for the situation to become bad is ridiculous: "you forgot to...", "you didn't..." and so on.

It's not that I never lived with someone, it's just that I'm the only child of the only child, so you might think of how much work I didn't do. I don't know how is it to live with someone, but I do know something else: Scrum! You might find it weird, but it works. My girlfriend and I are having daily scrum meetings, sync calendars and plan the day. My idea was, if I know how to lead the project, and don't know how to have a life with someone, then pretend it's a project. It can't be worse than this. :o)