Of course, I'm talking about CCC. As there's a lot of talk about hacking this and that on a technical level, I will try to avoid that.

It's the third day of the congress, and, as expected, I've seen all kinds of crazy lectures. The variety of topics is astonishing. For example, I'm currently sitting next to the ring making workshop with people hammering metal for hours. We've seen food hacking base, where you can learn how to cook like a hacker: using arduino to control temperature of kefir and such. You can see lectures like "copy wrong" dealing with weirdness of copyright laws and licensing (hint: you can take panorama pictures of Eiffel tower by day, but not by night because lights on it are made by architect that is not "dead + 100 years"). You can also leave your kid in the area with rubber balls and toys, so parents can watch their favorite lecturer. You can learn how to solder and work with arduino for TV B Gone. You can hear what's the real problem with quantum computers where camera man asked some really technical questions, and the girl from the crowd knows so much more then I do! Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's bad that girls know such things, but with my background of growing up in and old fashioned society, that's weird, and I like it! And my favorite, creating your own audio devices and programming firmware and software for it (hint: software like pure data)

Let me also tell you that all the people are super nice. Everybody is collecting trash, either someone else's or their own. Everybody is environment friendly, helping the neighbor or spreading awareness of all kinds of crazy cultural topics (hint: there's a "medical advice: please wash your hands!"). For the end, do I need to tell you I didn't expect this?