Life is a Dream

Ever heard of it? Life is a dream? Did you ever think about it? I did. A lot! And I can tell you it is. Just look at what we do, create, transform and whatnot. Just by wishing something it comes true. Just by work you get results. When you think about it, you could do everything differently in your life. You could shape yourself, your life, your surrounding. Any of us could. I mean, even quantum physics says that anything is possible. What do we do with that? Dress up and go to boring work. Are we insane? Are we media oriented? Are we blind? In a word, fuck you, life. I publicly express my regret for existing in this world. I regret I'm incompetent to change the world (not really, but it involves starting from scratch). I'm sorry, but the mediocrity of the world got to me. Where do I sign up for a mission to Mars or exploration of black holes?