Freelancing and USA company

Sorry, folks, but I've got nothing nice for this post. Last night I got an email that made me laugh and angry, at the same time. I tried to negotiate some freelance job, and after a week of talk I get "send me a Word copy of your resume and a copy of your drivers license or passport". Right. Word? For Linux administrator? First big fail by the company. OK, I copy/paste my resume into LibreOffice, do some minor editing and send it with "My Word copy of a resume is attached ... I can't send one (copy of a passport, that is) to random people on the Internet just because they ask me to. Sorry". Am I being I jerk? I don't think so. Think about it. You can reset almost anything with a copy of a passport and email address. Almost anything, for example, was my password for a credit card site. I might be crazy, but I'm not dumb. What's their excuse? "We're going to give you root login, and we're serious US company" (in much more words, so I'm paraphrasing). So that should give you credibility to ask people for passport? Right! Naturally, they canceled the job. To be honest, they just got to a job post first, otherwise I would do it.

Let's go back a little. Let's say I want to hire you and I say "I'm a representative of a US company". Would you give me your passport? How do you know I do have a company? Internet site? Or I'm really registered. It's easy to do that even in my shit hole of a country where you usually need tons of papers, but not for a company, they want to get your tax money as soon as possible. Just think what all you can do with someone's ID or passport. Now add to that the fact that I'm a hacker, meaning I spend my time thinking about intrusion, malware, viruses, social engineering and who knows what else. Why? Because I'm usually hired to think about that and come up with a protection. In a word, I'm dealing with all kinds of lies and deceiving people, but all of a sudden, if you happen to have a USA company, I should trust you? I mean, why even emphasize your in the USA? World terrorist number one country in the world should give me some fuzzy feeling and I fall into hypnotic state and trust you completely? Get the fuck out!

And let me tell you, I did think this through. I didn't want to say who they are, but fuck you retards from Epic Farts. If you mark me as "not smart enough" when declining my application, I can be jerk, too, you dumb ass.