FreeBSD Update

As you might be comming from Linux background, like I am, you might not be familiar with the FreeBSD update procedure. The main difference is that FreeBSD has base system as one big component which is updated as a whole, plus it has packages like any other Unix.


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IT Feels Like Constant Failure

Do you remember when any operating system just worked? Me neither, and I hate it. I mean, Windows was always just a joke. Just think about it, Microsoft said their git repository is 300GB in size. How do you compile, let alone read? One will probably think of Linux, but …

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HardenedBSD Install Over Serial

If you have APU or similar router, it's a big chance you'll need serial console install procedure. You'll have to mount install image before booting and change /boot/loader.conf so it includes the lines to use serial console:


When the …

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CBSD Reggae

If you didn't get it by now, I'm huge CBSD fan. Actually, I'm CBSD developer now. :o) One of the things I play with is Reggae, and some people asked me to describe it and make a demo. So here goes the explanation why I created it, how to use …

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Getting Started with Digital Audio

It's bad to start your post with an apology, but I must: this one won't deal with FreeBSD as much as set some foundation for the posts to come.

The base for a good digital audio workstation, or DAW for short is audio interface. That is the piece of equipment …

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FreeBSD Cloud and DevOps 3

By now you know how to manage jails with Makefile. It's nice, but I took it a bit further this past few months. I realized that Makefile can effectively replace Vagrant, so I created program called Reggae: REGister Globaly Access Everywhere. In short it consists of few scripts that (de …

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NuttX and Clang

I am proud owner of a home audio studio, but it has a big flaw: hardware is not open source. You may think it's not a big deal, but once you want to alter something, you realize you're stuck. Let me explain. My mixer is digital and you control it …

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The problem I was having was that I could record MIDI, but not send it to hardware output. For impatient, just run chmod o+rw /dev/umidi*. Yes, it was that stupid and it took me few days to realize what's the problem, so let's go through my setup and …

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Arduino Due and Clang

Since October last year I've been trying to get my FreeBSD box compile working binary for Arduino Due. For some reason, GCC produced binary is missing a section which I observed through readelf. I tried to debug this, but I'm not even novice kernel developer, let alone bare metal embeded …

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FreeBSD Cloud and DevOps 2

So you have all the pieces installed and configured. Let's do something on top of that. I don't like Vagrant, now that CBSD and Jails are around, but it's perfect for DevOps jobs. I remember a friend of mine using Makefile for DevOps, even if under it is Docker or …

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