DIY Sound

Sometimes you just hate what industry has don with the sound and start building your own stuff. For one, I didn't like open source DAW alternatives as all of them are missing something: Arour's MIDI is terrible for electronic music, loop recording is missing in Muse, ZRythm is stereo only …

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FreeBSD PF and Dummynet

In 14-CURRENT there is now support for dummynet in PF. That means that you can slow down packets based on some criteria. MacOS users probably know how this works as that OS got support for PF+dummynet years ago. For example, you can do the following in /etc/pf.conf …

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FreeBSD Dual Stack Firewall

The idea is very simple: everything works. But what is "everything" in this case? I want my host and jails to have IPv4 and IPv6 address, register those addresses in DNS and all to be accessible in the network and via Internet. To make my life easier, I programmed Reggae …

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FreeBSD and YubiKey

Install and initialize the services as root:

pkg install ccid opensc pcsc-lite
sysrc pcscd
service pcscd restart

Start ssh agent and add provider to it as user:

eval $(ssh-agent)
ssh-add -s /usr/local/lib/

That's it, SSH should work with YubiKey now.

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FreeBSD Linuxulator

As some applications are Linux-only, it is very handy to have linuxulator available. In short, I just followed linux browser install and added slack and viber with pulseaudio setup. Although pulseaudio setup contains linux browser install, it is the most important part. Once the browser was installed I copied the …

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FreeBSD Dual Stack Jails

There are 3 ways to have IPv6 in VNET jails that I'm going to describe. In terms of IPv4, those would be:

  • private address
  • public address
  • public address behind router

Private addresses in IPv6 …

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FreeBSD Dual Stack Network

Table of contents:

Idea is to build dual stack network, which means working IPv4 and IPv6. Support on router and client side is needed for network to work without glitches. For example, switching from ethernet to WiFi should be seamless. On top, as my ISP is not …

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FreeBSD and IPv6 Tunnel

Huricane Electric is one of IPv6 tunnel providers and this post is specifically about setting up FreeBSD router with a tunnel and the configuration for IPv6 autoconfig caller Router Advertisment (RS, on the router) and Router Solisticion (RS, on desktop or laptop). If you know how DHCP for IPv4 works …

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FreeBSD Audio

I started using FreeBSD in 2016 as a dual-boot with Linux. The reason was that at the time Linux provided no support for real-time threads and preemptive scheduling but did provide a wider choice of audio applications. Today, as the FreeBSD audio ecosystem improved a lot, I am a happy …

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Ne mogu vise da ćutim

Ne pišem na srpskom iz prostog razloga: želim da me što više ljudi razume. Međutim, ono što me tišti su neki ljudi odavde i ako ikada nabasaju na ovaj post želim da ga dobro razumeju. Pošto nemam plan pisanja, možda će biti o jednoj, možda o više osoba, ali svakako …

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